From Stefan Sagmeister's traveling exhibit "The Happy Show" (photographed Chicago, September 2013)

storytelling & social barriers.

Communication is key to transforming businesses, communities, and people. This LinkedIn story shares a program designed at doing just that by empowering at-risk youth with storytelling skills. When I was a Speech Consultant for the University of Richmond’s Speech Center, friends and I started a similar workshop for students in the Church Hill Activities and Tutoring (CHAT) … Continue reading


I thought of a great interview question today. It’s this: What is it that you LOVE and could see yourself doing at any hour of the day – something that makes you really happy – something you almost never get tired of?–Ok good. And what SKILLS do you use while doing that? Why is it … Continue reading

the apartment.

THE APARTMENT Characters: LAURA DEX ROY                        LIGHTS UP.                        LAURA, DEX, ROY, and MARTIN are talking in LAURA’S living room in her New York City apartment. It is cocktail hour. They are all in their 30s. (LAURA walks in from the other room, carrying a glass of water.) LAURA What I just don’t understand is why … Continue reading


The other night I had a dream. I dreamed of this poem I wrote in high school, a poem about orchards and running and racing white ponies. They were white ponies, I’m sure of it, but in my dream I kept changing it, so that I knew they were ponies, but sometimes they turned into … Continue reading


El otro día estuvo de paseo por bici y encontré un piano, allí en el medio de la calle. Paré, y empecé a hablar con mi compañera sobre esta cosa rara, cuando vino alguien y empezó a tocar. Pues claro, yo también queria tocar, pero como ya estaba tocando él, pues, bajé de la bici y empecé a inventar un baile. Era como un jig de ragtime, él tocando el piano y yo bailando en el medio de la calle, con las casas pintadas de rojo, azul, y … Continue reading


I believe in honesty. I believe in collaboration, and genuineness, and full disclosure. I do not believe in corporate politics. And I do not believe in pettiness. But most of all, I do not believe in the belittling of people. Hushing, cautionary advising. No. I will say what I want. I am not going to … Continue reading

November 7

Following the election, the United States has elected its first Buddhist, Hindu, and openly gay politicians to national seats; upheld the DREAM Act, giving equal education opportunities to American-raised non-citizens (Maryland); passed measures to allow gay marriage in three states (Washington, Maine, and Maryland); and cast over 50% of its votes to reelect President Barack … Continue reading

An Important Message to my Fellow 18 to 24-year-olds (y abajo en español).

Hey, friends. Listen up. There’s two days until Election Day and we’ve got a problem. It’s fairly substantial, actually, and it requires immediate resolution. So pay attention. The problem is this: It’s two days before Election Day and a huge percentage of young people are disinterested and not even planning to vote. Do you know … Continue reading


We are in the throat of August. The summer has slowed to an eeking crawl, the days stale hours of scorching sun. Cicadas call incessantly. The air hovers. It is too hot to do anything, too hot to do anything except sit, all the draperies tied, any sliver of heat a death sentence, too hot. The … Continue reading